Team Coaches 2013/14
Jason Dawkins, Head Coach
Fred Grannum, Assistant Coach
Kwame Djan, Assistant Coach

Toronto Triple Threat’s goal is to provide its inner-city basketball programme to players at a very low cost.  This structure is designed to ensure that ability to pay is not a determining factor in participation.  We charge very modest user fees compared to other similar programmes offered throughout Toronto.  We also engage players in fundraising activities as a means of teaching value.  The balance of our funding must be raised through other sources.  

If you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with the TTT Elite Team or donating to the program, please contact us to learn more about the benefits to you or your organization




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Toronto Triple Threat (TTT) currently offers development through its House League and Rep Basketball Programs and Fall, Spring and Summer Camps.  

Given the changing landscape of Canadian Basketball and the emergence of Canadian AAU Programs, TTT has expanded to include a year round Elite Program which includes an OBA and AAU season.  The TTT Elite Program provides players with greater opportunities to reach or exceed their goals through a strong focus on academic and athletic excellence while demonstrating solid leadership skills on and off the court.  TTT’s Elite Program gives players who perform at an elite level an option to play for an organization that has a broader focus than just basketball, dedifferentiating TTT’s Elite Program from all other AAU Programs in Canada.   

TTT’s Elite Program’s mandate is “Excellence” developed by the program’s Head Coach, Jason Dawkins.  The program structure and objectives are based on the Student Athlete Leadership Initiative© model which is integrated into the framework of the TTT Elite Program while maintaining the core values and believes of the TTT organization.  The mission of the Elite Program is to Attract, Develop, Promote, Support and Achieve.  

1.ATTRACT high level talent through:
  • Experienced reputable coaching and proven player development success 
  • Establishing a player roster that attracts other D1 players
  • Providing an integrated program where players have a diverse basketball experience with high-level completion and increased exposure through one organization, year round at one fee  

2.DEVELOP the whole person; athletically, academically, and as a leader.

Athletic Development
Players must be elite level players that are dedicated to developing their skills and game-play while advancing the performance level of the team through:  
  • Performance; practices 2  – 3 times per week
  • Team Work; improve both individual and team performance
  • Competition; 5 – 7 tournaments, sanctioned and exhibitions games
  • Strengthening and conditioning; weekly injury prevention and conditioning sessions 
  • Nutrition; high level performance nutrition plan 

Academic Development
Players must be academically successful by:
  • Maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or greater throughout the academic 
  • Having a personal mandate to attend a D1 or D2 University in the U.S. or an International or Canadian University 

Leadership Development; Attributes
Players are expected to demonstrate the following attributes:  
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness 
  • Disciplined
  • Logical and Analytical
  • Focused 
  • Committed to Excellence 
  • Enthusiastic

Leadership Development; Community Involvement
Players are expected to give back to the community and do so through community initiatives while gaining high school community involvement hours.   

Leadership Development; Fundraising
The expenditures related to development, training and competing at an elite level is costly.  The TTT Elite Program has built in a fundraising structure to allow players to take the initiative to raise funds to offset program fees making the TTT Elite Program one of the most cost effective, quality, OBA/AAU programs. 

The vast majority of players in Canada and the US are all vying for the very few coveted roster spots available. Players need consistent exposure to coaches and scouts, nationally and internationally.  TTT”s Elite Program includes high level tournaments in the OBA, marque AAU tournaments during “live” periods, and international competition when available.

To develop, achieve and gain exposure players are provided with the following: 
Academic Support
Academic checkpoints are built into the program to review and discuss GPA, course grades and subject challenges to ensure players are on course of academic success.

Strengthening and Conditioning Support 
An injury prevention training program was designed specifically for the TTT Elite Program in partnership with FITS Toronto the official Sports Science Provide of the TTT Elite Program. Players attend weekly sessions at the FITS facilities.

• Nutrition Support
An optimal nutrition plan is essential for peak performance.  A nutrition plan has been created in partnership with a Loblaw’s Dietician to acquire maximum physical development.

• Free Seminars
In partnership with Student Athlete Planning Services, a seminar is offered to help players and parents understand what is required to effectively market a player to key University decision makers, coaches and scouts.

In partnership with Ivy Global a seminar is offered to help players and parents navigate the U.S. College Admissions process and SAT requirements.

Strongly position players for scholarship opportunities through achieving the academic, athletic, leadership and support goals set out in the program.

For further information about the TTT Elite Program and how to become a part of the program, please contact Head Coach Dawkins at