REP TEAMS 2018/19​
It is a club policy that for younger divisions (Atom, Major Atom), only players who have taken part in the TTT House League Skills Sessions will be eligible to join rep teams.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no registration required for tryouts; all are welcome to attend tryouts listed below.

Gr.7 Boys (b. 2006)
Bishop Marrocco
Sat. Sep. 15 1130a-1p
Sat. Sep. 22 12-2p
Sat. Sep. 29 12-2p

Gr.8 Boys (b. 2005)
Bishop Marrocco
Sat. Sep. 15 10-1130a 
Sat. Sep. 22 230-415p
Sat. Sep. 29 12-2p

Gr.9 Boys (b. 2004)
Bishop Marrocco
Sat. Sep. 15 1-230p 
Sat. Sep. 22 10-1130a
Sat. Sep. 29 10-1130a

Gr. 10 Boys (b. 2003)
George Brown Casa Loma Campus
Sun. Sep. 16 3-5p
Western Tech
Sat. Sep. 22 415-545p
Sat. Sep. 29 415-545p

Gr. 11 Boys (b. 2002)
Bishop Marrocco
Sat. Sep. 29 230-4p

Gr. 12 Junior Men (b. 01/02)
Humberside Collegiate
Sat. Sep. 15 2-4p
Sat. Sep. 22 2-4p​

Gr. 7&8 Girls* (b. 2005/06)
Bishop Marrocco
Sat. Sep. 15 230-4p
Sat. Sep. 22 1-230p
Sat. Sep. 29 1-230p​

Gr. 9&10 Girls* (b. 2003/04)
Bishop Marrocco
Sat. Sep. 15 4-6p 
Sat. Sep. 22 415-6p
Sat. Sep. 29 4-6p 

Gr. 11&12 Girls* (b. 2001/02)
Bishop Marrocco
Sat. Sep. 15 4-6p
Sat. Sep. 22 1130a-1p
Sat. Sep. 29 1130a-1p

*Separate teams will be determined for indicated groups once participation numbers are confirmed

Gym Locations

Attendance & Commitment
Please read this document for our policies on attendance and commitment

TTT Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct & Zero Tolerance Policy
Personal Commitment
OBA Fair Play

P.O. Box 84532, 2336 Bloor St West
Toronto, ON M6S 4Z7
What is Rep ball?
Rep ball is an opportunity for kids to play for a team that represents Toronto Triple Threat in games against other basketball clubs. Teams play in a series of games and tournaments. Each team plays between 15 and 25 games including tournaments. Some teams may play on a league, depending mostly on their ability to commit to the game schedule. 

Teams practice twice a week. The schedule depends on where we can book gym space and on coach availability (schedules for each division are posted, as available, along the side-bar to the left).  Tournaments are on the weekend and are generally within an hour to an hour and a half of Toronto. Teams play three to five games over the course of a weekend tournament.
Unlike the Saturday Skills Program, Rep Basketball requires considerably more team skill development as well as individual skills.  That means if your child is not prepared to play in the game this poses a real problem for the coaches. 
If you cannot commit, please be honest about it. We have many interested players and cannot save a spot for your child at the expense of another.

We try to provide enough teams for all interested players but we have some limitations. As a result, depending on the number of interested players, some teams will have tryouts. We want to provide an opportunity to play to as many youth as possible and believe in having at least 12 and in some cases the maximum allowable 15 players on a team all the way to the Ontario Championships wherever possible.
We are not dedicated to pursuing elite accomplishments at the expense of maximum participation. Due to limited funding and gym availability, some age groups may have to hold tryouts, as we do typically fund one team per age group. 

Team selection is dependent on many factors, not just playing ability.

In the lower age groups (Novice, Atom) there are Fair Play rules guaranteeing equal playing time for each child throughout the game at the Novice level and for the first seven shifts (out of 8) at the Atom level (the last shift is at the discretion of the coach). At the Bantam and upper levels, there are no such rules imposed by Basketball Ontario and we cannot promise playing time but we still maintain our philosophy of maximizing the opportunity to play – while recognizing that most players at the older age levels expect and want a compromise to try to win games. For Bantam, Midget and Juvenile levels, this is an element that is left to each coach's discretion. In certain games, an individual player may see very little playing time.
Please discuss any concerns you may have on this matter with the coach prior to the final team selection.

As noted above, team selection is dependent on many factors. A very important factor is conduct. We expect and require players to be respectful of their teammates, coaches, referees, opposing teams, gymnasiums, etc. Practices are very important and strong effort is required at each and every practice. As playing time in games is not evenly distributed, practice is an opportunity for maximum participation and should be viewed as being as important as a game. We also expect that parents will set a positive example with their own conduct, both at practices and games (although many parents do not observe the practices, which is totally acceptable). Positive encouragement and acceptance of mistakes made are examples of the good behaviour that we ask parents to display. Absolutely no criticism of referees and minor officials (e.g. scorekeepers) is appreciated. Everyone is expected to try their best.
Refer to the sidebar, under the heading Code of Conduct for more on our policies and commitment to healthy play.

Positive Experience
We want to ensure that the program is a positive one that builds a community feeling and provides children with an opportunity to develop life skills while playing basketball. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to a member of the Coaches’ Committee (see our contacts page).

Costs/Fees to play Rep Ball
Our costs to run our 18 teams will be approximately $7,000.00 per team or just around $125,000.00. These costs include gym rentals, insurance, referees, tournament fees, and uniforms. To provide a concrete example, our gym costs alone will be about $30,000.00 for the year!

All rep players must pay a fee of $525.  In addition, each rep player must pay a $75 fee to cover the costs of various OBA costs (for membership, provincial championships). The total of the two fees is $600.

NOTE: FOR Novice, Atom, Major Atom, Bantam and Major Bantam (i.e. born after 1999), the first $150 is covered by enrolling in our Fall Skills Programme.
Once the team is selected, fees are due at the first official team practice.

If you cannot afford the fees, please speak to your coach. Help is available.

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